Sports Program

We are dedicated to promoting sports and accompany our athletes in their endeavor. Our athletes believe that anything is possible if given the chance and so do we.
We have confidence in the power of sports and its positive effect on society. That is why we nurture and follow closely promising talents across various disciplines. We support initiatives that seek to encourage local athletes and enhance sports in our nation.

After supporting Andrea Paoli, Taekwondo champion (Lebanese Senior Champion & Asian Champion 2012), who participated in the 2012 London Olympic Games, the foundation backed two highly ambitious and outstanding initiatives:
Gloria Nasr’s ‘Paris-Beyrouth en courant’ marathon and Maxime Chaya’s RIO project.
Gloria departed from Paris on April 7 and was running for Peace in the Middle East. She arrived to Beirut on July 10.
Maxime’s boat launched from the Australian port of Geraldton was bound for a great adventure bridging continents across the Indian Ocean. Maxime Chaya and his teammates set 3 new World Records aboard their rowing boat tRIO.

Fondation Saradar is supporting Yasmina Bocti, a talented young horseback rider, and Marc Boustany, a junior tennis player.

Mobile Learning

Linking e-Literacy training to job creation

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Latest Initiative

After the successes of the Seven Summits project, and the Three Poles Challenge, Maxime Chaya was on ‘expedition mode’ again. This time, he went for quite an extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime adventure: Rowing the Indian Ocean (RIO), setting new world records.

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