Sponsorship of two outstanding sports initiatives in April 2013

Gloria Nasr
This 5000 km race across France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Lebanon was dedicated to peace in Lebanon and the Near East. Gloria Nasr  ran 52km per day. Departure date: Sunday 7th of April at 8:45 AM Paris time, 9:45 AM Beirut time with the “Marathon de Paris”.

During a press conference held at Fondation Saradar headquarters on Thursday 11th of July, Gloria Nasr spoke for the first time to the Lebanese media about her « Paris-Beyrouth en courant » marathon, which she started on the 7th of April. She took this opportunity to announce that she will pursue her race throughout Lebanon.

A large audience attended the press conference, in the presence of Group Saradar CEO, Mr. Mario Saradar, Fondation Saradar President and Director General, respectively, Mrs. Maria Saradar and Mrs. Tania Helou; as well as the President of the Lebanese Federation and its Secretary General.

Fondation Saradar congratulated Gloria Nasr on her amazing performance that carried high Lebanon’s flag and highlighted the importance of the peace message the runner was conveying and stressed on the fact that this first of its kind challenge was undertaken by a Lebanese woman. 

The president as well as the secretary general of the Lebanese Athletics Federation reported that Lebanese athletes were very proud of the success of Gloria and that they followed her journey since Paris. They committed themselves to run at her side during her Lebanon tour. 

Gloria Nasr began her marathon on the Lebanese soil bearing the flag of the country of the Cedars, from Fondation Saradar headquarters which believed in her, and has supported her throughout her race. She departed from Fondation Saradar headquarters in Ashrafieh, Beirut. Her itinerary covered the following stations: Adonis, Batroun, Harissa, Beirut, Aley, Deir el Qamar, Jezzine, Barti. Her Marathon final stage ended at the Martyr’s Square in downtown Beirut where some media, friends and supporters met her to congratulate her on this one of its kind achievement.

The following week, trophies were offered to Gloria Nasr by the Governor of the South in Saida and by mayor of Barti (her hometown) during an official ceremony that was held in her honor.

Maxime Chaya
Determined to take new challenges after the successes of the Seven Summits project (May 2006), and the Three Poles Challenge (April 2009), Maxime Chaya was on ‘expedition mode’ again. This time, he went for quite an extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Indeed, one of the last remaining great challenges out there: Rowing the Indian Ocean (RIO).

After facing various kinds of sea dangers and threats, storms, technical problems, isolation, Maxime Chaya (51 years old), reached dry land on August 6, thus ending a 57-day, 19-hour & 20-minute boat rowing across of the Indian Ocean. the tRIO arrived to the Mauritius island at Cape "Malheureux", setting a new world speed record (the previous record was 58 days). The 3 adventurers were also able to set another record: to be the first 3-men team ever to cross the Indian Ocean (a team of 8 men rowed the Indian Ocean before). According to Maxime Chaya Communication spokesman, these new records will be announced shortly in the Guinness Book of Records.

May 2014
After completing the crossing, Maxime had the choice of sending tRIO from Mauritius straight to Southampton where it could be sold, or bring it to Lebanon first, where it could be seen by the general public. Maxime chose the latter. The tRIO boat is on display now for the next 2 months or so, at street level in Zaitunay Bay. 


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Sponsorship of young Lebanese athletes
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Sponsorship of two outstanding sports initiatives in April 2013
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After the successes of the Seven Summits project, and the Three Poles Challenge, Maxime Chaya was on ‘expedition mode’ again. This time, he went for quite an extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime adventure: Rowing the Indian Ocean (RIO), setting new world records.

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