Solidarity Fund Program

1962, the start of social involvement by a financial institution
2012, renewing the bonds of solidarity: a new challenge

Banque Saradar s.a.l and Fondation Saradar wish to celebrate with members of SARADAR Group the fiftieth anniversary of this undertaking. This project of support and assistance to members of the group has evolved over the years, to become an expression of institutional commitment, enhancing cohesion and solidarity within SARADAR Group.

Launched as a personal initiative, Joe Saradar's humanitarian legacy and commitment, is perpetuated today through a special fund dedicated to colleagues
of the Group.
From 2002 to 2013, and thanks to the personal participation of the staff to what has now become
a collective fund, this enterprise has taken on
a new significance and contributed to a renewed
and reinforced sense of solidarity.

Our Commitment

Started by Joe Saradar in 1962, this initiative has expanded over the years, to reach a broad range of individuals and civil institutions alike. The foundation provides financial grants to SARADAR Group colleagues and retired members thus facilitating their access to:

> health care and medical treatment not covered by the social security fund
> education, through scholarships.


Mobile Learning

Linking e-Literacy training to job creation

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Latest Initiative

After the successes of the Seven Summits project, and the Three Poles Challenge, Maxime Chaya was on ‘expedition mode’ again. This time, he went for quite an extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime adventure: Rowing the Indian Ocean (RIO), setting new world records.

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